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Brownfield as a Public Amenity

Impact Environmental Corporation (IEC) is facilitated backfill of the Hudson County Lincoln Park Landfill at a record pace. As authorized engineering control engineer, IEC finds suitable sources for reuse in the construction of an earthen protective cover, or cap, over the former landfill site. The completion of the restoration project, part of the county’s Lincoln Park, will set the stage for a new golf course and walking trail near the Hackensack River.  Kemper Sports was recently named to manage the construction and operation of the 9 hole, 130 acre golf course that will welcome residents of all ages as well as avid golfers.   Although there is a private course nearby this will be open to the public with clear river views.

“We are replacing a polluted landfill with a
beautiful public amenity.” – Jim Kennelly

The Lincoln Park Brownfield project has completes its final stage – the capping of the former dumping ground/landfill over which the golf course will be built. Anthony Grano of Persistent Construction, working with IEC in the backfill operation, reports that these infill activities went smoothly to completion.  The final impervious cap over which the topsoil and plantings for the recreational course will be placed finished in 2013.

Lincoln Park Landfill Closure Area in Yellow

After the environmental project is completed, the county can finish building the course.   Financing for the project comes from a mix of county and state funding. When completed, the county’s profits from the course will be plowed back into golf course operations. Overseen by the Hudson County Improvement Authority (HCIA), the project involves a complex comingling of various agency interests; public and private objectives; restoration and new construction methods, and these complexities all create a difficult setting that works against the fast-tracking of any project. In this case however, IEC has successfully navigated these challenges to ultimately accelerate the process since fill importation to the site began in April of 2011. In completion, more than 1,380,00 tons of fill material have been imported by IEC into the Lincoln Park Brownfield site.  IEC’s mission-driven staff and dedication to customer satisfaction have been an integral part of completing this great asset for the county.


The highly-degraded Lincoln Park Brownfield site was once used by the public to dump tires and other trash. The course, when it is completed in 2014, will bring that area back to one of its previous uses as former home of the Lincoln Park Driving Range. One 18-hole course now exists in town, but it is the Liberty National Golf Course is a private membership club, located near Liberty State Park, which cannot serve the broader needs of the county’s diverse population.

“We are replacing a polluted landfill with a beautiful public amenity – a golf course that all our residents can enjoy,” said Jim Kennelly, spokesperson for the County. “This project is an outstanding example of…a near decade-long push to expand parks and open space in Hudson County.”

For more information on Impact Environmental Corp. go to http://www.impactenvironmental.com/.