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TRANSFORMING…dreams to reality, tragedy to triumph, waste to beauty.

When the twin towers fell, so many of us held our breath. What was next? Had we lost some of our own? Where was the world headed?

honor guardSince the dust settled, over these many years, we have learned to breathe again, and to breathe deep in the face of one crisis after another. As a global community now, we identify with the calamities our brothers and sisters endure, though so far removed, through the miracle of hi-definition recordings and ubiquitous playback. We are confronted daily with the unthinkable – are forced to rethink our paradigm – and we continue to step off into the future daily, sometimes with an uncertainty that is hard to overcome.
But we do.

Impact and Krapf Resurrect a 9.11 Artifact

The late John Krapf, a builder and contractor from the Lehigh Valley area, came up with the idea of turning a number of slabs from the ruined subwalls of the World Trade Center into memorials of hope. Impact Environmental, a New York based environmental remediation company intimately involved with Ground Zero restoration, worked with Mr. Krapf to preserve 11 concrete relics, with a vision to create 11 sculptures destined for 11 US cities coast to coast.

This vision, like so many dreams of restoration since 9-11, came to fruition recently when the first of the 11 planned sculptures was welcomed to its temporary home in Bethlehem, PA. Visitors and close observers of the sculpture will find engravings in binary code (0s and 1s) on the peaks of two concrete aggregate branches forming a victorious “V”, reflecting a triumphant rebirth of the twin towers. The 0s and 1s are a reassembling of the digits for the 10th anniversary and the 11th day of the month.
Christened “Victorii Rebuild”, the sculpture is for now a part of the South Bethlehem Greenway. This is a fitting tribute to the resilience of the families left behind, the vision of one man who has now passed on, and the dedicated work of one company among many who honor the loss of so many vibrant lives with a memorial drawn up from the ruins. Here is the substance of what has passed, standing as a testament for the many who live on.

View a History in Photos – From Concept to Dedication: For an ebook  by Impact Environmental, email social@impactenvironmental.com.