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Impact Paper Recycling Initiative

impact environmental logoImpact Environmental is proud to announce the start of our in-house paper recycling initiative.  For decades Impact Environmental has striven to solve many of the environmental issues of the surrounding area.  Our promise and goal to our clients is to assist them in finding peace of mind, as they are confronted with environmental issues.  It is now time for us to look inward on our own corporate carbon footprint.  Like many active and growing businesses today, Impact Environmentalis caught up in the use of hundreds of reams of paper monthly.  So much of the paper we use is often disregarded, or becomes insignificant in hours if not minutes.  As a company we are making strides to ensure that every piece of paper counts, and the life of that paper does not end up contributing to the problems we clean up every day. 


Here is a list of steps we are taking as part of the Impact Environmental Paper Recycling Initiative:

1.       A written company commitment, and reminders to print cautiously.

2.       Duplex printing all reports when possible.

3.       Reuse paper as scrap paper if possible.

4.       A paper and cardboard recycling program (of all non-confidential material) at our company headquarters in Bohemia, NY.

5.      Offering our clients digital copies of environmental reports first and only producing printed reports if requested by the client.

6.       Reuse shipping boxes if possible.

Impact Environmental and all of our employees are committed to making this world a more environmentally sound place.   This is continuing step in a history of actions showing our devotion to our shared environment. Now the work we do inside the company headquarters is working to be as environmentally conscious as the work we are so proud of providing for our clients.  Look for updates on our blog, on the progress and effect of our recycling initiative.


Welcome to Solid Ground

Impact Environmental

Corinne Jacoby