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Inspiring The Future

As the pendulum of the economy swings and the world populations grows ever more aware of the environmental issues plaguing our planet, a new industry of environmental sustainability is born.  Today, careers in sustainability look more and more promising to a batch of young people entering higher education.  The promise of the growth of a new industry and the evolution of older industry are very welcoming to a youth facing a world of economic uncertainty.  It is an industry starved for new ideas and approaches to making our lifestyle sustainable.


At Hofstra University’s Sustainability Studies Program, students take advantage of their surroundings, in the large suburban landscape of Long Island which is situated outside of one of the most populous metropolitan cities in the world. and look head on at real-life sustainability problems.  Sustainability Studies offer an opportunity to combine engineering, planning and environmental sciences into a diversified understanding of how to solve these issues.  As the world evolves and the population grows we need the best and brightest minds to enter this field and bring us the new solutions.


On November 6th, 2013 Hofstra University Career Center is hosting a Sustainability Careers Panel Discussion.  Richard Parrish, CEO if Impact Environmental will be joining that panel to discuss successful careers in the environmental consulting business.  With over 25 years in the industry, Mr. Parrish has experienced all sides of the environmental industry from government regulations, environmental site assessments, environmental engineering on large scale construction projects and Brownfield and mine reclamation. He looks forward to imparting his wisdom and experience to the next generation of talent joining the field.  Impact Environmental has a strong history of being a leader not only within the industry but the surrounding communities.